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trade trans is considered as customer-focused company with the ability to transport goods and material worldwide primarily through the European railway system. trade trans continuously strives to be the best in the railway forwarding market by providing outstanding service, reliability, trustworthiness, and manageability to all products trusted to our care.

trade trans is now looking to establish increased business relationships with dispatchers of volume consignments, such as trading companies, industrial organizations and export/import companies, as well as with other forwarding agents.

trade trans employees offer a vast amount of knowledge with railway transport and can arrange the transport of your goods primarily to and from European & Eastern European countries, including the Balkans. trade trans has also the ability to offer interstate transport in these countries.

trade trans   provides the ability to make competitive transport cost offers in a short time with the assurance that our employees have taken into consideration many factors to ensure your product will be transported and delivered in an acceptable time frame and fashion.

Again, trade trans' primary means of transportation is railway however taken into consideration a specific country's ability/infrastructure and our customers preference we will at times substitute river transport/sea transport and or road carriage during the transport process. The ability to combine such different means of transportation further demonstrates trade trans' ability to offer a dependable, traceable, manageable, and customer-focused means of transport.

trade trans' worldwide contacts allow for transportation worldwide of your product with the reassurance trade trans is monitoring your product throughout the transport process. Our worldwide presence means that your product can and will arrive safely within a specified time frame and that even if a unforeseen problem does arise trade trans has the ability to redirect and continue transport via our other means of transportation mentioned above, this includes destinations that are inaccessible for railway transportation such as is common in many Eastern European countries.

In Warsaw, Katowice, Cracow, Verona and Treviso, we have our own warehouses intended for distribution of goods. In Wola Baranowska (Braniewo) - on the eastern border of Poland - we have established an agency arranging the transportation of goods to wide-gauge railway cars as to provide better and more practical service to our customers.

The good prospects are also for combined transport with the use of containers and unified UTI carriage units. trade trans undertakes to offer its customers also this alternative.

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